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The subject line might not be the best description, but I have a 10 gal tank and the Eheim heater for 10 gal and I am trying to keep my room the right temperature, but my heater's light indicating that it is on has been lit for around an hour and I was wondering if I should be concerned with it staying on that long. Are there any problems that could arise from it being on this long or should I not be concerned and just continue to try to keep my room temperature up to be around the desired water temperature of 78F. Apologies if this does not make a lot of sense. Thanks in advance for any help!




If we run a heater in our tanks we also need to run a thermometer to keep an eye on the temp. The reason for running a heater is we normally don't keep the temp as high in our homes as we need to keep the tank water. The temps can get down to the mid 60's in my home at night. The heater keeps the tanks temp at a steady 76.

How long has the heater been in the tank? When we first put one in it isn't unusual for it to run long enough to heat the water up to the temp the heater is set at. It is possible the water in the tank was cooler than the room temp so the heater may run longer than normal. Once the water gets up to the set temp it should go on and off to maintain the temp we have it set for.


You can get a decent glass thermometer for aquariums at walmart for less than $3.


If you purchased a heater designed for a 10 gallon tank, it is probably a 50 watt heater. That heater is suitable for maintaining the tank temperature no more than 10 degrees F (4.5 degrees C) above your room temperature. If you have the temperature setpoint at 78 degrees and the room temperature is 68 degrees, a 50 watt heater is going to struggle keeping the tank warm enough. Remember that the "room temperature" of concern is the lowest temperature that the room will get during the year. `

I have some tanks in the basement of my home where the temperature in the coldest months can get down as low as 60 degrees. Thus, I have to use heaters twice as large as I would if the room never got below 60.

If you are looking for a decent thermometer that is not overly expensive, I recommend the one below. It has a large digital display making it easy to read at a distance. I have five of them.

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