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What type of media are you talking about? The bio media never. The coarse pad, rinse it out and it should last for years. The white polishing pad when it is falling apart.

EDIT: You should open your canister to clean it every 3 to 6 months depending on the stock of your tank.
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I usually clean my canister media once every three to four weeks since I have a dirted substrate and it tends to make the prefilter smell nasty for some reason...

The only thing I rinse in old tank water is the bio media, and only when it needs it. Any other pads or sponges I rinse with a showerhead on the highest pressure setting to get them totally clean, back to their original colors. Swishing them in a bucket of dirty water just doesn't get them clean enough for me. I've never had a minI cycle doing this.
There's plenty of things I do that I wouldn't suggest to someone newer to this, rinsing my media in tap water is one of them.
Rinsing media in tap water is one thing. Cleaning out sponges is another. I've done it. Never had a problem either.

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