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HI team,

First post! This looks like a lovely fish-keeping community. I'm new here, but not new to the wonderful world of aquaria.
I've been searching around but have a few questions I couldn't find answers too.

I recently set-up my first canister filter. Very happy with the quality and design of my new eheim classic 150.
I have it set up on a 15 gallon freshwater, planted tank. Only have 6 harlequin and a pleco in there currently.
I want to get this filter running as super-efficiently as possible.

This filter comes with two sponges - a blue coarse sponge and a white fine sponge. Filling the rest of the canister is up to you (cool!).
So I'm having fun 'pimping' this canister out.

Currently, bottom up I have the stock coarse sponge, then the stock fine sponge and then I have a bag of Matrix.
Now, after 2 weeks the course sponge still 'looked' clean and the fine sponge was black with filth, and the bag the Matrix is in was pretty heavily gunked up too. So I want to add more mechanical filtration (and add a pre-filter on the intake). This white sponge to me really seems more like floss, and it's clearly doing all the heavy work - the difference in the coarse and fine sponges here really is extreme so it's no wonder this happens. I'm adding a medium sponge between them, and have also halved the coarse sponge so half can fit in the very bottom of the canister below the grill (the 150 is so small I couldn't get ceramic rings to fit nicely in the bottom) with the other half above. So it'll be coarse sponge, medium sponge fine sponge, Matrix.

1. Do people actually re-use the fine white filter pads that come with the Eheim 150s? There can't be a big difference between this stuff and floss can there?

2. I still have space in the top of my canister, I wanted to add some more bio media such as ceramic rings. I was thinking it'd be best to put them before the Matrix as they're not as porous and won't clog up so easily. I was going to put them in a separate bag between the fine sponge and Matrix. Has anyone mixed bio media together? Eg. Rings and Matrix? Bad idea hey?

3. Pre-filter. Is a sponge really enough to stop enough sand getting in? I was playing with the idea of putting some stocking over the intake too..

4. This filter is far from silent. I can hear it humming from 3 metres away - no rattling, bubbling or water sounds. I've pulled it apart and everything seems fine. It's just a humming sound... but certainly louder than expected. Hard to believe people saying these are "dead quiet". The outflow is consistent and strong, no blockages or kinks in the pipes. Does it just need a bit longer to settle in? I thought perhaps I ran it dry for a minute at one point and may have sucked some sand into it at another... but these were both very short instances and I'd certainly not expect these to be factors. Plus, it was just as 'hummy' when I first set it up.

5. Before this filter I had a tiny in-aquarium filter smaller than my fist with one tiny sponge in it. This was actually doing admirably well considering - I just wanted a new toy with the canister filter. Ever since I've had the canister set up I've had a layer of film on the surface. I don't think 'engine lubricants/oils' can account for it hanging around for months after being set-up. Water agitation isn't making it go away. The fish and plant stock haven't changed. I certainly haven't started overfeeding. So it all points to it being because of the filter. The water seems clearer and cleaner but this film is there. Any ideas?

Opps this is quite long. I'll stop writing words now.

Thanks for reading and in advance for your suggestions/thoughts!



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Welcome to Fishlore hope our members with experience of the same filter can help answer questions today, enjoy the forum

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The brand Aquaneat has 20ppI (coarse) and 30ppI (medium) sheets of foam sponge that can be cut to fit the canister.

A layer of foam sponge will both help trap more muck and colonize more beneficial bacteria.

Personally, I would not add anymore ceramic rings or Martrix to it.

Also, look into Polyfil batting, sold at crafts stores and Walmart. It's used inside blankets. Many fishkeepers and myself use it as fine mechanical filter pads. It can be cut to fit your canister as well.

Additionally, search for "aquarium filter pad" on Amazon, and a huge list if bulk roll media pads comes up.

As for a pre-filter, here is a link that shows some examples of them. I use them in different forms on my filters
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Hey Islandvic
Thanks for the reply and for sharing your ideas
Interesting to hear you wouldn't add anymore biomedia, can I ask why?
With the top 1/3 of my canister empty (and without any want of chemical media) I thought I may as well fill it up with bio..? With a prefilter I don't think I'll have to worry too much about it clogging up too fast inside.
Thanks again and happy fishkeeping!
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I think Islandvic is trying to steer you towards better media like foam. Here is some info that may help. Make your own decisions...

Bio Media Comparison Information
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My 2215 is set up, bottom to top, with pre-filter ceramic tubes, three coarse pads, fine filtration pad (blue, reusable, from Fluval because their media is cheaper and fits the 2215), about 750ml of biomedia (mix of Matrix, BioMax, and Eheim "cocoa puffs"), followed by another fine blue pad to keep the biomedia from ever getting near my impeller.

Just use what works best for you. I find my Eheim is a pain to clean, but no more than any other filter. All of them need basically the same cleaning. The only reason my filter takes longer than a HOB is because there's a fair amount of media and I like to rinse everything thoroughly, including rinsing the biomedia in tank water at least three times to make sure all the gunk is out.

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