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Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by fengshui, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. fengshuiValued MemberMember

    Hi, I just wanted to hear everybody's opinion on the eheim 2217 for my overstocked 29 gallon. It already includes:
    2 Hydor Koralia 424 powerheads
    1 Marineland penguin biowheel 200
    1 Marineland penguin biowheel 350

    Any suggestions, tips or comments about the eheim 2217 are welcomed.

  2. 1971roadrunnerWell Known MemberMember

    I used a 2217 (in addition to an AC70) for nearly a decade till recently for a FW system. It was highly recommended to me and thankfully so- GREAT canister filter! It's the one I recommend when asked about canisters. It will be a great addition to your tank. I couldn't have better things to say about it :).

  3. fengshuiValued MemberMember

    what are the people talking about when they mention priming, disconnection and cleaning it that make it jard

  4. 1971roadrunnerWell Known MemberMember

    There are two disconnects vrs. one whole disconnect for some of the others (never bothered me?). Priming it was never a problem and there's tons of you tubes on how to do this. Cleaning it was no more work than any others I've seen? This canister is not gimmicky and just from looking at it from the outside you can see exactly how it functions. I don't think there is another canister out there that has been around longer, has as good a reputation over time, for reliability, replacement parts (I never needed one) and customer support. I speak from experience with this filter.
  5. fengshuiValued MemberMember

    what should I add for the media and does eheim sell media baskets?
  6. 1971roadrunnerWell Known MemberMember

    The media it come with is fine but I had mine full of quality ceramic media (nothing else) with a quality prefilter for the intake which I cleaned 2x month. I don't know if they sell media baskets for them but it never bothered me 'cause I only went in to rinse the media off 1x year. The Fluval 306 is also well reviewed but I hear from more (experienced) people that they prefer the Eheim and I agree.
  7. fengshuiValued MemberMember

    Is it hard to install like do I have to cut anything to adjust? Also are the instructions that come with the filter sufficient?
  8. 1971roadrunnerWell Known MemberMember

    There will always be cutting and adjusting with ANY canister you buy. I see you heard about the instructions-they're apparently not great but the instructions to most things are never what they should be. There are more great YouTubes on setting up this filter than you could ever need. ryanr (a moderator here and another salty like myself who's advice I admire) has a report which explains well how the set up and functioning of these work right here on F.Lore under the heading filters and filtration for FW tanks-take a look :).

    *ryanr's report is a sticky which can be found under "Eheim classic..."which is the co-name for these filters.
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  9. fengshuiValued MemberMember

    What substrate and order should i put in

    Could I do half bio balls and then half ceramic rings? I would put a foam between and on top. Would this be efficient?

    thanks for the great article

    What is the o-ring they're mentioning and what are air leaks?

    Also, what's the difference between the eheim 2213, 2215 and 2217? which one is shown below?
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  10. 1971roadrunnerWell Known MemberMember

  11. fengshuiValued MemberMember

    Just ordered it:) excited to receive it after tons of research. By the way, which are better, ceramic rings or bio balle

    Suggestions for media order is welcomed anytime, thanks everyone for the assistance.
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  12. Adam55Well Known MemberMember

  13. fengshuiValued MemberMember

    Please explain why
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  14. Claire BearWell Known MemberMember

    Hi, the rings offer more surface area for contact and good bacteria! Congratulations.
    I love Eheim filters! :)
  15. fengshuiValued MemberMember


    What are the shut off valves and kit everyone is talking about in the reviews? Is it worth it? Also, after is prime it the first time with my mouth I don't need to prime it in the future with my mouth again right?
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  16. fengshuiValued MemberMember

    Bump, anybody?
  17. Prep8611Valued MemberMember

    The shut off valves are on the hoses ur gonna be cuttin to length. It's so u dont accidently siphon out all the water onto your floor when you go to clean ur canister. The filter u got was the 2213 btw. How many gallons is ur tank cause thats for a pretty small aquarium.

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  18. 1971roadrunnerWell Known MemberMember

    Once primed it should be good to go. There was only twice that I had to re-prime it. As far as the media baskets go I used multiple bio bags full of ceramic media instead-takes up less space, less $ and prevents blow by better than baskets.
  19. fengshuiValued MemberMember


    US gals of course along with my penguin bio wheel 350 and 200 so it's over filtered already
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  20. Adam55Well Known MemberMember

    Exactly this. Those valves are the most important thing on the filter other than the media.

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