Eheim 2217 losing power, pumping out white specs?

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by mcronix, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. mcronixValued MemberMember

    Hi guys. I have an eheim 2217 which I've had running for a few weeks whilst cycling.

    Today I noticed a bunch of white specs floating in my tank (there are still no fish, just plants in the tank).

    When I turned off my air stone I noticed barely any agitation on the waters surface and although the specs of white stuff aren't so prevalent in the water (seem to have settled), I can see them coming out the spray bar of the filter, just slowly with less power than before .

    The filter is still humming as usual, but there does seem to be more noise than usual, like water gurgling from time to time, although I've never really listened out for any noise before so this could be normal.

    The only thing out of the ordinary that has happened is that I did a large water change yesterday and had the filter turned off for about 20-30mins.

    If anyone has any advice please share ASAP. Thanks.
  2. Big Red

    Big RedWell Known MemberMember

    If its a pvc spray bar during the syphon break it could of sucked plastic shavings back into pump getting lodged in the impeller. Most likeley its air in pump that cant escape trying taping the pump or un plugging it to see if that helps. If nottake it apart and see if its got something lodged in it.
  3. OP

    mcronixValued MemberMember

    So basically I disconnected the filter and took it apart. I put it all back together and primed.

    The flow was much better but no way near what it was originally. Before this started happening I drilled some extra holes as the filter was really powerful when I first installed it and creating way too much flow.

    Now a day or so after taking it apart the flow is back to barely trickling out of the spray bar.
    I have tried shaking the canister, turning on one side etc. as some suggested but it doesnt seem to improve anything!

    I did notice a couple of small air bubbles dancing around in the intake pipe (pics below), could this have anything to do with it?
    The only other thing that has changes is I have set up an air stone in the tank, assuming this would affect anything either right?

    Really need some help on this one guys as the filter is not even 2 months old!



  4. Big Red

    Big RedWell Known MemberMember

    As long as the bubbles arnt being sucked in they should be fine. Still have a warranty?
  5. WeepingShadesOfIndigo

    WeepingShadesOfIndigoValued MemberMember

    Totally not an expert with filters but my Eheim 2213 was making more noise and losing its power, I took it apart, including the impeller, rinsed in tank water and fed bottle brushes/long small hoses/toothbrush into all its hoses particularly the intake and spray bar. Yours looks too clean in the pictures for that to be the problem but made mine like new, hope thats all that yours needs!
  6. OP

    mcronixValued MemberMember

    Thanks for the input.
    Yeah unfortunately that's not the issue with mine as it is only a month or so old!

    I'm worried there must be trapped air or an air leak somewhere but have no idea how to fix this!
  7. Big Red

    Big RedWell Known MemberMember

    if its an air leak in the hoses or elbows maybe able to see it sucking in air. Another thing you may want to check is the gaskets make sure theyre clean and free of debris.
  8. OP

    mcronixValued MemberMember

    Hi Red.

    I've had a good look and can't see any signs of sucking in air. The only thing was the couple of tiny air bubbles as described above.

    Gaskets seem fine, I even put a little vaseline on them as advised somewhere and again, this seemed to help for a day but now back to a trickle :/
  9. WeepingShadesOfIndigo

    WeepingShadesOfIndigoValued MemberMember

    Oh no that sounds like you checked it over pretty well. Possible to contact their customer service people? Get them to help and possibly replace, sounds a bit like pulling teeth though.
  10. Big Red

    Big RedWell Known MemberMember

    Thats what I would do tell them whats going on and see if they will replace it. If they dont give them aweful reviews lol. Id do my darndnest to get it replaced.
  11. OP

    mcronixValued MemberMember

    Thanks for the responses guys. I am hoping (fingers crossed) I have sorted it.

    I noticed that there were even bigger air bubbles in the outtake pipe connected to my prefilter than before.

    So I turned the filter off and emptied the water from said pipe until the air bubbles came out. I attached the pipe again, opened the vales and turned it on but the same thing - air stuck in the outtake tube that won't shift.

    I tried it one more time but this time turned the filter power on and opened the valves on this pipe leading to the cannister simultaneously and so far (for the past two hours) the spray bar is pumping water like it was on day one and there are no visible air bubbles in the tube. :;banaman

    Guess this is maybe me just being a noob - first ever canister!!
    If anything the stream is now too powerful even with wider drilled holes plus some extra holes in spray bar (I have it pointing from right to left on my tank) so may move to pointing front to back.
    Thanks guys.

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