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Eggs! Now what?

  1. c

    claytonc New Member Member

    It has been 8 days since I lucked out and found this tricopsis vittata pair and now I have ever a full nest. Not new to breeding but these are my first gourami. I plan to carefully scoop out nest (when should i) with a rubbermaid shoebox and float it in a very heavily planted tank full of first foods and lots of baby rcs. It's a 20 long with same water source. How long after they hatch and start eating would it be fairly safe to very slowly drip the tank water into the rubbermaid till it sinks? I use this method on other fish.
    Bubble nest top right

    Should this be moved to gouramis?
  2. chromedome52

    chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    You can remove the nest at any time, their eggs float. They usually hatch within 24 hours, you will see a bunch of little tails hanging from the nest. At this point you should definitely separate them from the adults, as they will get eaten as soon as they are swimming.