Eggs Coming Out Of Neon Tetra! She Is Laying On Her Side!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by CROWNTAILBETTA, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. CROWNTAILBETTAWell Known MemberMember

    this isn't actually a disease so the mods can move it if they like, my female neon tetra is not looking good she is in the process of laying eggs but is laying at the bottom of the tank gasping! I just did a 100% w/c today (with the media still wet so the cycle was not lost,) so I know my params are fine. is she going to make it? will the eggs make it? Please help me! :(

    Too late for her RIP :( but the eggs are everywhere, are they fertile?
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  2. mollybabesWell Known MemberMember

    Only if you have a male. I think that's how it works
  3. AmazonPassionModeratorModerator Member

    Were there any male neon tetras? Did you see the males fertilize the eggs? If not, then they are not fertilize eggs
  4. CROWNTAILBETTAWell Known MemberMember

    does the male fertilize the eggs before or after they leave the female? and btw the other 4 neons are male. Edit: if I added a male with the eggs would he fertilize or eat the eggs?

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