Eggs And/or Worms? Question

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    Just found these all over my glass. At first I thought one of my newer nerites turned out to be a girl and laid them all over the place but now I'm not sure, because there's some tiny white worms moving but also an egg thing with a defined creature of some sort inside. What do you think? TIA
    Photobombers actually provide some good contrast, lol.
  2. fjhWell Known MemberMember

    wow, I am so jealous of your plants!

    Well first, they arent eggs - theyre limpets. Related to snails, they eat algae and detritus. What you see there is as large as theyre going to get. I have them in my tanks and they have never caused any problems. Some fish will try to eat them, but usually they are left alone. Most likely they hitchhiked on one of your plants.

    And yep, youve got worms! Hard to tell because the picture get grainy when I zoom in, but I think you have planaria. Second guess would be detritus worms. Ill let someone more knowledgable advise you on these.
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    Thank you. I'll have to do a deep cleaning.
  4. LA58Valued MemberMember

    The product "No Planaria" works! Just make sure all snails are removed as it kills them too. If you see them on the glass, there are tons under the substrate. Been there, done that. Swear by the product. All my fish and shrimp survived through the 3 day process. Good luck!