Eggbound Or Dropsy?

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    Hi all, posting on behalf of my younger sister. She's been mentioning for about a month now that her female crowntail betta is eggbound as her abdomen has been bloated. The past few days she's been getting worse. I took a look for the first time yesterday and she seems to be acting fine, but I noticed that her scales are showing dropsy's trademark pinecone effect. I've looked into some dropsy treatments but I want to make sure we treat the right problem.

    "Bullet" lives in a divided 2.5 gallon tank (1.25gal to herself) with another female betta. (I know she should have more space but her care is dictated by my parents). No idea what the water parameters are or even the temperature in there. She's never been exposed to a Male which I know causes a female to become gravid, which is what makes me doubt the eggbound theory. My sister has had her for about 10 months now. I dont have any photos but if they're necessary I can snap a few. She's pretty fat and the scales are pineconed a bit but I think I caught that early.

    Any clarification is appreciated, sorry for the vague care details I've included. Thanks so much
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