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    so im trying to save some neo shrimp eggs from a mom that died when they were almost mature. fungus is the number one killer of mommyless eggs, apparently. i saw this great device online called an egg tumbler. unfortunatly my problem is now, not shipping time away, nor did the price seem reflective of the unit. but i loved the idea. it was, in essence, a screened chamber for eggs in a wide portion of air line. eggs stay in screen and constant bubbles keep them moving.

    i took a sponge filter extension [pretty much 1" section of pvc], and covered one end with a piece of nylon. i secured it to the tube with a rubber band. to keep this cup upright and stationary i fed an inch section of airtube perpendicular thru the rubber band. this gave me a stable piece of tube to mount on an airline tube suction cup at the water line

    tumbler top.jpg

    to power the bubble function i added a "t" to my bubble line, and a line regulator to the tumbler line [$0.50 plastic inline regulator from pet box store).

    this line needs to be firm against the nylon at the bottom of the egg cup, forcing the air thru the cup, agitating the eggs. i pushed the nylon up a little with the reulator tip and held it in place with another airline suction cup

    tumbler side.jpg

    i adjusted the air flow from crazy strong to gently bubbling. the eggs seem to be moving freely around the cup now.

    tumbler front.jpg
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    Cool! Good job!
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    That looks very confusing, lol. But it is a great job nun the less :)
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    That was the one I was looking at, but it was $20, plus $10 for shipping and waiting a week.

    The suction cups and tubing every which way is kinda messy at this point. I think I'm finally happy with all the air lines so I can trim them down and clean up the mess some. It didn't help the lighting shows yellowy with my camera, and the named tank reflects everywhere.