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  1. midthought

    midthought Well Known Member Member

    I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but I was told by my LFS guy that the Eco-Complete will temporarily mess with pH before stabilizing again. (I'd mention up or down but I just can't remember what he said.) He said Fluorite didn't change pH at all, temporarily or otherwise.
  2. funkman262

    funkman262 Well Known Member Member

    I think for the most part, eco-complete will always be preferred over flourite because it can just be dumped into the tank and you don't mess with the cleaning that you do with flourite. If Seachem didn't make a sand version, I definately would have gone with eco-complete. Either way, I've got my tank set up with the flourite black sand with some plants and driftwood and I love it so much now. It's got such a more natural look now and I'm sure my fish will appreciate it too when I get them back in there.
  3. a

    anunez91 Member Member

    i stuck a hose from my backyard up into my second story bedroom where my tanks are and just let it rip, i have eco-complete, the water was cloudy for a week, of course i didnt rinse it but i also bought it used so i didnt think it was neseccary, i was wrong, but, its been working great since, my corys love digging through it and my plants are thriving, The black also looks great in contrast with the plants and the fish, i recommend it, new though,
  4. Nutter

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    No plant specific substrates are really suitable for ichlids. You will get a mess from every product with the way most of them like to dig alot. That is why I asked what fish you had. I suspected your problems could only be caused by somthing like cichlids. Your better of going with either straight gravel or sand with cichlids. Forget the planted tank substrates.