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  1. FoulFishes

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    For Christmas I got some Malaysian Driftwood and black Eco-Complete substrate for my new tank! I love the dark look so far, the driftwood and substrate are contrasting each other very well. The only issue i've had is whenever I adjust the substrate the water gets very cloudy. It was very long lasting when I first added water, now the cloudiness goes away in about a hour. I did not rinse like the bag said, maybe I should of.

    Anyway, my question is, if the water gets cloudy while planting plants, cleaning the substrate, etc. will it bother the fish? I don't mind my water being cloudy for an hour every now and then after doing maintence, but i'm worried if it hurts the fish at all. I would assume it wouldn't but i'd rather make sure first.
  2. Eienna

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    Yeah, you're really supposed to rinse it. As far as whether it would hurt the fish, that really depends on the species. Some originate in muddy waters and can tolerate it better, whereas others need clear water. One thing I would try would be to stuff a ton of batting/poly stuffing into your filter and stirring it up real good and hard. The stuffing should help remove the finer particles. That or you can stir it up on water changes before you add your fish, removing the little particles with the waste water.
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    Ecocomplete is meant to be added water and all, no rinsing. They usually include a packet called a biomagnet clarifier which is basically a flocculant. Seachem makes a product called Clarity that works the same way.

    If the trick Eienna mentioned doesn't work you may want to look into getting some Clarity and trying it out, or just be more vigilant when sucking up gunk during water changes.
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    Which Eco-complete exactly?

    The ones I know of are supposed to be added to the tank without rinsing. But the specific product would be beneficial. Depending on what's in the product (fertilisers etc) cloudiness may or may not be expected.

    I would not think the cloudiness would present a problem, and over time, the substrate will settle. Whilst you may get a small cloud when planting, it will probably only last 5 minutes (ok, maybe 30 minutes), and your filter will pick it up.

    I don't recommend adding flocculants like Clarity when live stock is present, they are reported (rumoured) to clog the gills of some fish. Most 'dust clouds' will pass quickly.
  5. Eienna

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    Sorry, I was thinking of seachem's Flourite. VERY dusty.
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    Didn't get any clarifier packets with mine. I did the main adding of substrate pre-fish though. When mine gets a bit stirred up during gravel vac'ing, I haven't noticed any significant distress to the fish. I imagine most of the these fish come from places where the bottom gets stirred up from time to time. No?
  7. OP

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    SeaChem Clarity I see it around all the time, but the bottle doesn't say what the ingredients are that are making the water clear. I'm the anti-chemical type of fish keeper. I'm all about SeaChem cause I use Prime all the time and I just started using Flourish Comprehensive as well, but thats really the only chemicals i've ever used in my tanks before..

    As long as there is nothing that could hurt the fish physically, hurt their gilly, stress the fatally, etc. I don't think it will be too big of a deal. All the fish in this tank are Amazon River fish (captive breed of course) and the Amazon is very murky and dark in many areas.