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Eco Complete For Kuhli And Zebra Loaches ?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by jake37, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. jake37Valued MemberMember

    So i've been 'googling' for the past 3 hours and trying to decide when i rebuild my tank to stick with eco-complete or switch to something finer in a planted tank. I've had kuhli in my current tank and they seem to do fine but others say the prefer sand. In the new tanks I'll keep kuhli and either zebra or dwarf chain loaches (not gold zebra). Has anyone actually tried loaches on both eco-compelte and sand and notice a big difference ? I already had nearly enough eco-complete for the new tank (from the old tank - plus another 40 lb) so cost here isn't a huge deal but i understand sand is cheaper. The other concern I have with switching is I hear that some sand will cause dead spots to form (Anaerobic ) over time and cause a significant issue as the tank ages.
    So i guess the question is will eco-complete damage the loaches or inhibit their natural behavior if so what sand do you recommend (this will be a 120 gallon tank so i'll need approx 100lbs)
  2. A201Well Known MemberMember

    Sand substrate is currently very popular and there is no arguing that some keepers construct beautiful aquascapes with it. Sand does have its problems, which I'm sure you've already read about. I've never used the Eco-Complete, so I just researched it. From what I read, Loaches should do great in it.
    I keep Y. Modesta (Blue Botia Loaches) and a Berdmorei ( Red Fin Tiger) in my 120. My substrate is very small grain gravel with a big Texas Holey Rock hardscape. The loaches are fat & healthy. Some say that sand is best for loaches, I guess fearing that coarse gravel will injure them.