Eco-Complete™ African Cichlid sand

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  1. jetajockey

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    I added this stuff to one of my tanks yesterday, have read a few good reviews and the black/white sand combo sold me. However, this mix creates a high PH 8.2 + environment more suitable to african cichlids, and as of right now the only thing I was planning to put in the tank was livebearers. Does anyone have experience with this stuff? Will the livebearers be okay?

    these 2 paragraphs i found interesting, just wondeirng if it was sales pitch or tried and true.

    In addition to maintaing the pH of your African cichlid aquarium, Eco-Complete™ for African Cichlids is also high capacity bio-filter. Aragonite is extremely porous, about 20,000 square inches of surface area per cubic inch! Imagine the beneficial bacteria population you can maintain with it. This is why Aragonite is unsurpassed in reducing nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia, allowing a bio-load many times greater than other substrates. You would have to buy 4 bags of ordinary gravel to equal the surface area available for water purifying bacteria in this one bag of Eco-Complete™ African Cichlid Substrate!

    Further differentiating Eco-Complete™ for African Cichlids from other substrates, it's biologically complete. Foremost, each bag of Eco-Complete™ contains live water-purifying bacteria. This makes for cycling a new aquarium faster and safer! This substrate also creates a natural biological balance to discourage nuisance algae in the aquarium. Most substrates require a tedious rinsing ritual whereas Eco-Complete™ African Cichlid Substrate! needs no rinsing at all. It's packed in a water conditioning solution for immediate results.

    all input is welcome, thanks!
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    although fish will acclimate to higher ph's, this might be a bit much for livebearers you know what your tap water ph is? if its much lower, every time you do a water change, the ph will be bounced around...if its close to the same, you can just acclimate them VERY slowly to the higher ph.....although this stuff does help you create a large beneficial bacteria area, it WILL NOT cycle the tank .....that would still need to be done ....and even though it says no rinsing needed, your tank will be very cloudy for a few days if you dont.....I use it in my african setup and it helps a ton to keep the ph at the higher ends :)
  3. Nutter

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    Excellent advice from Shawnie. Not the sort of thing I would pick for livebearers. I would be worried about them dealing with the extra harness & PH fluctuations during water changes if your tap water is of significantly lower PH.

    Definitley don't trust the claims that it will cycle your tank for you. You will need to cycle the tank regardless of what bacteria it supposedly contains.

    What size is the tank? If it's big enough maybe you could stock it with rift lake cichlids.