Ebay VS. Aquabid


Personally I love them both but if it was my choice to choose one I would choose aquabid.

PROS: There catagories are more catagorized.
They sell a lot more of the fish you want
You can also choose to block a person off your auctions who don't pay

CONS: for me: They sell more freshwater then marine but when I was in freshwater I bought a few things from them

now as for ebay

PROS: They have lots of marine animals and equipment
They can be cheap in some places if you know where to look

CONS: This applies to both sites. You don't know the quality and water conditions of the fish and you can't choose which ones you want


I do not like Aquabid as I have had a very poor experience with them.


I have gotten my bettas off of three stores there and had good luck with all of my transactions.

You can ask questions if you need information, which is always the case with me as I ask the seller about water parameters, food, fish history and for as many pictures as I want before I buy.

The display of the merchandise is much more complete and descriptions are more informational than with Aquabid.

You have to know your vendor or you can get raked over the coals for fair dealing. All the fish merchants I have dealt with have been very reputable but some of the people I purchased plants from in the past did not do a good job packing and I lost money. On the other hand, you can always warn others away from these folks with your feedback.
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With ebay they also have a bigger selection. I don't see much S/W fish on aquabid like I do with ebay

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