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  1. 0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    Well, I'm planning on setting up a planted aquarium--hopefully 20 long. I just need ideas of plants that are easy to find, easy to care for, cheap, and low-light. Like, those dump-in-the-tank-and-watch-grow plants (well, not exactly ;)) like Java Fern. Any ideas? Bear with me here..I know my fish, but not my plants--yet, anyway. ;)
  2. Isabella Fishlore VIP Member

    I'll just repeat what I tell everyone here about easy low-light plants: java fern as you yourself said, then java moss and various anubia species. And I am not sure, but I think various vallis species also will do under low light. I personally have a water sprite plant and I have to tell you it grows real fast and well under low light - so that would be another one.
  3. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Java fern, Anubias and Java moss are the three I have and use in my low light tanks. At www.plantgeek.net there is a sectionon low light plants that is really interesting.
  4. Jason Well Known Member Member

    They probably have this plant under bright lighting but I have just one globe+reflector on my 39gal and I have Ambuila and it has grown 10times faster than anything else. In 2-3weeks it has grown from tiny 15cm twigs to huge thick at the surface plant. I also have anubias, amazon sword, vallis and I think a hydrophila
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  6. atmmachine816 Fishlore VIP Member

    crypts are slow growers but live in my tank but so far have only grown one more leaf and hasnt made any new plants.
  7. 0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    OK, thanks everyone.  Are Crypts and Anubias planted, attached, or floating?
    And what is the best thing to attach plants like Java Fern to? Can plants be attached to fake wood?
  8. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Yes plants will attact to fake wood. I have a java fern attached to a fake log. crypts are planted, if it has a rhizome don't bury it. Anubias can be partial planted or attached to rocks, wood etc. , just don't cover the rhuizome.
  9. 0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    OK good, because last night I just went out and spontaneously bought 2 Java Ferns and a piece of fake rock or somethin' (I already had another fake wood). I was joking that I should name them like I name all my fish, and my Dad said I should name tham Al and Gae (get it, algae?). So I did. I'm pretty sure my Mum disowned us at that point. ;D I put one of them under the outflow of my HOB filter--will it mind the current, or should I find another place for it?
    Oh, what's a rhizome?? :p
  10. bullhorsetook Initiate Member

    Great thread. I was going to ask this very question myself.
  11. 0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    Rhizome, anyone? And will it mind the flow from the filter?
    And a new question: What do I have to do for the plants, as far as trimming leaves?
  12. newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    The rhizome is a kind of root that some plants like Java Fern, and I think Crypt, have.
  13. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

  14. 0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    OK, just curious about the rhizome, I get it now. I still think the names Al and Gae are kinda funny since a purpose of plants is to get rid of algae!
    Good to hear it will like the flow. Would the other one benefit from moving the airstone right by it to create more water movement?