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Hi FishLore,

Today, I have an easy plant package available that has a variety of plants. These plants all do well without CO2 and are not demanding to grow. All plants are around 6-8" large with a fully established root system. Some stems may even have multiple sideshoots coming off them. These plants are not cuttings, but rather fully matured plants. All plants have been grown entirely submersed and are algae-free.

For $33 Shipped:
5 stems Water Wisteria
5 stems Rotala rotundifolia
5 stems Rotala green
5 nodes Dwarf Sagittaria
2 Medium Amazon Swords
Quarter-sized portion of Pure Spiky Moss

I also have massive handfuls of Azolla filiculoides (larger than portion pictured) available for $6.

Shipping will be through USPS Priority and will be in a flat rate padded envelope. To ensure the plants remain fresh, I will be using extra insulation and a cold pack. I have used this method successfully for the past couple of weeks in areas that have 90F-100F weather right now with no issue. As long as the plants are brought inside immediately after they are delivered, they should do just fine in shipping.

Please PM me if interested, or if you would like other plants too. Thank you!

Dwarf sag.JPGIMG_5144.JPGRotundifolia.JPGWisteria.JPGMOss.JPGIMG_1C4418016E97-1.jpeg

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