Easy Diet?

My friends recently purchased a Hermit Crab, and I'm doing my best to help him receive the best possible care. Does anyone have a simple, healthy diet? I only know a bit about hermit crab care myself (I'm more of a fish guy, I like my animals confined to a set area) so any other tips would be appreciated.
Fanatic might be of help. He’s a crab fanatic.
Feeding variety is the key. The good thing is that in the wild, hermit crabs are natural scavengers so they have a fab digestive system and eat a large range of foods.

They do best when not fed pellets/flakes/prepared foods, since they often contain heavy metals and preservatives which have the potential to get your little one sick.

Things that you tend to eat would be ideal, and if possible, organically sourced to ensure that they don't have pesticides to make them sick. Eg:

- meats (can be offered uncooked, but if cooked best tI do so with no seasoning... things lkke chicken, beef, fish, shrimp ect) (also includes egg yolk and whatnot, they also enjoy eating the shells, and they also enjoy bones)
- fruits (apple, pear, mango, papaya, watermelon, tomato)
- veggies (cooked or raw, lettuce, carrots, potato, corn, peas ect)
- nuts (and nutty like things like gojI berries)
- honey (and bee pollen)
- dried shrimp (used for turtles and such, also like frozen foods as well, like bloodworms)

Just some ideas, be creative with it. As a general rule, try to avoid food groups that have a known allergy/sickness in other animals (cat/dog make great examples) since its not 100% proven on whether its actually safe or not, however most likely it is...

Google is also a great assistance for this matter, and may fill in some gaps I may of missed.

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