Easier Way To Clean Seachem Flourite

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by tv4184, Jun 18, 2018.

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    Forget using a colander, bucket, or tray rinsing. One of my friends taught me to do this flush and fill method and my tank cleared up by the morning time. I used Flourite Dark for my first planted setup and it turned out great. By day four it was almost crystal clear, I didn't have cloudiness for days like from what I've read on many forum posts and other users.

    Basically I have an "aquarium only" hose for filling and draining my aquariums. I used my python to have a continuous siphon and basically we flushed the aquarium for about 20 minutes. After putting in the hardscape and installing the XP3, the system already started to clear up to about 50% clarity. It should have been less cloudy but I didn't have a way to pump my RO water from my Brute can so we scooped it up and poured it in. At the last bit we just poured the rest of the contents straight from the Brute can so it did kick up some dust. I could have used a diy water polisher to clear it up quicker but it still was less work than the rinse in a colander method I used to use ten years ago when I was last in the hobby.

    Flush cleaning seachem flourite - Easy Mode - YouTube

    I also used this method for setting up my new 210 gallon but I had aragonite and torpedo beach in there instead, easiest cleaning of 90 lbs of substrate I ever had. I didn't experience a week of cloudiness or any issues with either aquarium. The 210 hasn't even been running a full week yet either, the most cloudiness there was the addition of detritus and bacteria lasting for about 12 hours. I know it's my first post but I've been into aquariums since I was in fourth grade (1994). I hope this is helpful in some ways since I've been getting help from the forum for quite a while now.
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    I was in fourth grade in 1994...
  3. tv4184New MemberMember

    Too many 4s?

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