Early Stages Of Fin Rot? Question

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by nbolte, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. nbolteNew MemberMember

    I've noticed that the ends of my bettas fins are looking a bit off. Maybe I'm just losing it, but does it look almost milky to anyone else?
    I've never dealt with fin rot before so does this look like the really stages of that manifesting? IMG_20190618_124301657.jpgIMG_20190618_124602933.jpgIMG_20190618_124516783.jpg
  2. liliroseValued MemberMember

    Fin rot usually starts with brownish patches that become black. It's also almost always caused by poor water conditions, and the best cure is to increase the frequency of water changes.

    I don't see fin rot here. His fins look pretty healthy. However, it's very good to pay attention to subtle changes in the condition of your fish, and start fixing a problem as soon as it appears. That said, some Bettas do change colour- sometimes drastically- throughout their life.
  3. nbolteNew MemberMember

    Okay! Thanks a lot! I just wanted to be sure since I've never dealt with it before.
    And yeah he has changed a lot already, I've had him a few months and he has gained some red to his pectoral fins and he's a lighter blue.