Dying Snails - Please Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by Alex6455, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Alex6455Valued MemberMember

    My nerite snails have been with me about 2 months now, and recently I changed the substrate to Eco-Complete. Soon after this they stopped moving, and one of them died. Eventually, the other one started moving around and was fine but he died today too. I also started dosing Flourish around this time, but it has such a little copper value I don't think it would cause any harm. My params are fine, and I do a 20-30% water change weekly. I am just wondering what the cause of this might be.
    I also recently got some ramshorns, and they barely move and eat no algae as far as I can tell. When they topple over, they can't get back up. What could be the cause of this?
    Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. A. RozhinValued MemberMember

    When I changed to Eco-complete, it raised my pH. I can't remember if that affected my snails; I didn't lose any of my special ones, but some of the smaller ones couldn't met a bad end. If it did affect your pH, maybe they need to adjust and the nerites just weren't strong enough to make it? Have you done a pH test and compared it with before? I'm sorry you lost the nerites. I have a lot of snails and I really love them, so it's upsetting to lose one. I really hope your ramshorns pull through. Have you given them some special food/tablets to maybe take the obligation off of them to find algae for awhile?

    Maybe someone can chime in about water hardness, whether eco-comp. affects that, too, and how it might impact snails, I don't know anything about that part of it, I don't even have test kits for it.
  3. Alex6455Valued MemberMember

    Thanks! I can try to get a pH test soon. I have tried giving my ramshorns cucumber, spinach (all blanched), and algae wafers, and they haven't touched them. Sigh. Thanks a lot for your help. Adjusting seems like the problem, because they were fine before and it took a while for that one snail to "wake up". If I get new snails, they shouldn't have this problem, right?