Dying Snail?

Discussion in 'Snails' started by TylerLovesFish, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. TylerLovesFish Well Known Member Member

    Hello all. Today, as I woke I found my mystery snail upside down clutching a algae wafer. While I want him to eat, this kind of scared me. I know he can't flip himself over (Never could, always had to flip him over) So I flipped him over and he wouldn't stop clutching the algae wafer. Any suggestions? I have to go to school soon and I want to make sure he isn't dying! When I moved him over and when I tried to move him away from the wafer, he continued to clutch it and didn't go into his shell. He is maybe a 2 months old not including the time he was at the pet store

  2. grfresconero Valued Member Member

    He`s probably only hungry or if your temp is to high, then he`s uncomfortable. Did you check the water conditions.

  3. TylerLovesFish Well Known Member Member

    I have no thermometer and no heater. He finally let go and climbed to the top of the water where he normally sits. I am guessing the water is either the same temp as my room or lower (around or under 78 degrees F)

    I am also not home so I can't monitor him until later today.

  4. grfresconero Valued Member Member

  5. TylerLovesFish Well Known Member Member

    Other than my room light no, and it is currently off. The sun will come through the window soon though, but it was dark in my room when I found him like that.

  6. grfresconero Valued Member Member

    Although it will never cause him any problems some heating such as a spot lamp/reading might help.
  7. TylerLovesFish Well Known Member Member

    Could there be any other reason why he would do that?
  8. monkeypie102 Well Known Member Member

    Mystery snails are tropical and maybe your tank isn't as warm as you think... you need a thermometer... as for flippinf on his back... what other fish are in your tank? Maybe you have one that is flippinf him over? As for getting himself back up he should be able to strech out of is shell and flip over himself so I can't really tell you why he can't flip himself over...
  9. kb9plc Well Known Member Member

    Agreed with the above.
    He should be able to flip himself over without much of a problem.

    However, if your water is colder than you think he may be sluggish. Mystery snails have a wide range of water temperatures they can survive in. Keep in mind, I said SURVIVE. If the water is colder, he won't be very active and could be going into "hybernation" mode. Would make sense why he would be clutching to food and not moving much...or at least not moving enough to be able to flip himself over.

    I really would recommend a heater if you can get one. Even a cheaper 'preset' one would help.
    The light is really not a big deal. My snails are active whether my lights are on or not.... and they do tend to be a bit nocturnal. If the tank gets light via window, you should be fine with that. (also note I'm only commenting on light concerning your snail..... i have no idea what else you have in there that might need a tank light) But your heating situation is a bit concerning. Mysteries certainly can pick a spot (like at the water line) and take a 'nap' for hours on end.... but for the rest of the day's time they normally are pretty active, snailing and scouring the tank from top to bottom.

    I would also check your water parameters just to be safe. How often do you do water changes? Mystery snails have a higher bio load than your average snail.
  10. TylerLovesFish Well Known Member Member

    I am only having them in the tank for 2 weeks (then moving to full set up in a 20 gallon), so I probably won't get a thermometer, atleast not until its a shrimp tank (at that point ill get a heater). As for being flipped over, he's never flipped himself over. I've tried to make him do it himself, he has even like that for hours before I had to flip him. Kind of odd.
  11. TylerLovesFish Well Known Member Member

    He also is very active, in fact last night he was very very active. He just could never flip himself
  12. kb9plc Well Known Member Member

    That's very odd.
    Have you ever seen him floating before? Maybe he has an air bubble/air regulation issue. Not really of fatal concern, but it could certainly cause a snail to end up in some intersting positions. LOL
  13. TylerLovesFish Well Known Member Member

    Never seen him floating, doesn't mean he doesn't. I'm not home very often. I do 20% water changes 3 times a week. He might just have a special problem :)
  14. TylerLovesFish Well Known Member Member

    He was moving a lot when I put him on the bottom to clean the tank, however, he keeps going to the top and napping. I am not sure if he was active when I was gone for multiple hours, however, he has been in different positions every time I look into the tank when I come home (and after 30 minutes on the internet or away from my room)
  15. kb9plc Well Known Member Member

    As long as he is active, I don't think I'd be too worried. I'd be willing to bet that once you get your new tank done and set up, he may start acting different with a regulated water temperature. You could get some fluctuation in temps without a heater. That could mess with him a bit. Some snails are kinda sensative to that. But since he was 'clutching' a wafer, you know he is eating. That's good. Andddd you've already established that you keep the tank clean with the water changes. (I assume you declorniate the water?) So I don't think we can say that the snail doesn't like the water parms lol :)

    The only other thing I can think of is to make sure he is getting some sort of calcium. Either by supplementing the water or giving him zucchini (or other calcium filled veggies) to chew on. If you've never give your snail veggies, it may take a few times for him to understand it is food. (mine actually don't attack the veggies until they are sitting in the tank for a day.... thou you don't want to leave anything in there past a few days because it could dirty up your water) Thou..... calcium issues would more typically cause shell problems.... not an inability to flip over.

    Not much more you can do until you get your permenant tank.

    Past that..... it's kinda hard to tell with snails sometimes. Almost makes you wish they had little signs they could hold up to tell us what is going on.
  16. TylerLovesFish Well Known Member Member

    Could there be any reason why he wouldn't be able to flip himself? Found him the yesterday upside down, he never attempts to flip himself. He actually looks like he swells up in his shell (probably defense)
  17. monkeypie102 Well Known Member Member

    Check your water parameters... it seems like he is suffering a nitrate poisoning (I think that's what it is called... you naitrates are to high...)
  18. TylerLovesFish Well Known Member Member

    He only does it when he's upside down though.
  19. kb9plc Well Known Member Member

    I kinda of went according to the numerous water changes a week you said you were doing.... and assumed your nitrates would thusly be okay.
    But perhaps you should test, just to be safe. Do you have a test kit? API liquid test is the best.
  20. monkeypie102 Well Known Member Member

    I was just wondering because you said the swelling... test your water regardless, please.