Dying Red Claw Crabs

I very recently got 2 female Red Claw Crabs in my 20 gallon tank. There are several live plants, places to hide, and places to get above the surface of the water. The filter works quite well and according to several tests, there is almost no Nitrate, Nitrite, or Chlorine and the salinity is borderline saltwater. (It's currently brackish) I don't have an oxygen stone but I will be getting one in the mail tomorrow, and I don't use a heater because the water caps around 80 degrees. I feed them 'HikarI Crab Cuisine' and 'HikarI Blood Worms' and as a time frame, I've had them for about 4 days before the smaller one died.

One of the smaller crabs died recently and the larger of the 2 is now exhibiting similar symptoms.
  • Very frozen, almost no movements except for little eye twitches or subtle claw movements
  • Falling upside down and not moving
  • Overall lack of movement
I was wondering if this was a sign of something wrong with the tank, the crabs, or if I'm just not keeping proper care of them. I did a 90% water and gravel change as well concerned that a lack of oxygen might be the culprit, but the remaining crab still exhibits the same symptoms. Please help!
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do you have a bubbler?

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