Dying Gouramis


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I have a 29G tank with 3 Angels, 1 clown pleco, 1 Regular Pleco, and 3 Tetras. All water parameters are within acceptable limits. I had a pair of gouramis in the tank for about 7 months then one died. I got another one to replace that one and the one that was already in the tank died a few weeks later. So I was left with one. He did very well until now about 4 moths later. I bought them at a very reputable aquarium/fish store. It's all they do. I asked them there if they could give me any tips. I explained to them that all my other fish are doing excellent. My Angels are getting bigger by the day. The person at the store said that gouramis can be even more sensitive than angels to water quality, which is fine, and temp. fluctuations. He also said because of the way they are bred by inbreeding them that their immune systems are compromised greatly. All that he said is contradictory to what I have read on this web site. Also, I have had my tank set up for 1yr6mo. All current fish were introduced after water had cycled. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I am so sorry about your gouramis. They are such beautiful fish, and you really get attached to them if you have them for any length of time. From what you have posted, I really don't have an answer. Could you humor me with some more information? What type of test kit(s) are you using (strips, dry tab, drops)? Can you please post your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels? How often do you change water from the tank? Do you vacuum all of the gravel each time you do a water change? Answers to these questions may be helpful in figuring out what is happening to your fish.

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