Dying galactic purple glofish Help

  1. elvinkitten Initiate Member

    Well Grandma bought my 4 year old daughter a glofish and gave it to us in an improper 1 gallon setup with no filtration, needless to say even after several partial water changes it went to fishy heaven three weeks later as I was in the process of cycling a proper size tank with filtration and heating. We waited 2 months for our new 20 gallon to cycle and bought one Electric Green male, one Starfire Red female and one Galactic Purple Glofish female and 2 long finned male zebra danios (my four year old insisted on the same pretty colored fish grandma bought her). The water tests fine with the API master water test kit and at the pet store... temp is steady at 78 and everyone in the tank is doing fine except the Galactic purple glofish.... we lost one after two weeks and returned it to the pet store with water sample... they returned the dead fish and gave us a new purple one from the same tank ...after the introduction to the tank it was fine for 4 days on day 5 it started to slow down and hover at the top or near the filter but had no spots or anything that appeared off and i found it dead and stuck to the filter this morning ... cant figure out why the purple ones keep dying yet the others are fine .... please advise.
  2. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    Glofish are just danios with altered colors. They should be swimming all over the place. To help us out a little, what are your exact parameters and how were the fish acclimated to the new tank?

    As far as why it's the purple ones, probably just a coincidence. Welcome to FL.
  3. elvinkitten Initiate Member

  4. elvinkitten Initiate Member

    O and I fed the original tank members then let the fish float in the tank in its pet store bag for 30 mins then added 1 cup of my tank water every 15 minutes till the bag was full and netted it placing it into the tank after 1 hour and disgarded the bagged water
  5. renthus Well Known Member Member

    Sounds like your params are good, you acclimated well, etc. I would say that they're probably just kept in poor conditions in the pet store, and were already sick when you got them. Ask when they get in their shipments, and then go in to get one as soon as they arrive. Minimal time in pet store tanks tends to be good for one's health, imo.
  6. elvinkitten Initiate Member

    I'm now wondering if the tank at the pet store is the issue more than my own since both deceased fish came from the same tank at the store
  7. elvinkitten Initiate Member

    thanks I will check with the pet store as to when their shipments arrive since I don't want my daughter to keep getting discouraged
  8. elvinkitten Initiate Member

    Should i be worrying about the tank mates getting sick too? Don't see anything with them other than the two long fin zebras liking to chase the glofish every once and awhile
  9. renthus Well Known Member Member

    Quarantining any new stock (whether that be fish, plant, or invert) for a few weeks is just generally good practice. That generally addresses the question of "Are they carrying _____?"
  10. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    And Glofish tetras.