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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by ark_fish, Apr 10, 2017.

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    Lately I've had some of my swordtails die and I need some comfermation why.

    It started about 4 months ago when 2 of my 6 sword tails died within a week. Each one, 2 days before dying stopped eating, sat on the bottom and started breathing erratically. The next morning they would be floating dead.

    Now, 4 months later one of my females died the same way over the period of a week.

    Does anyone know why this could be? The water perameters are normal. Could it be old age? I bought the fish a year ago and they were fully grown.

    Any help would be great!:)
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    Their lifespan is three to five years. So that wouldn't be an option.
    They act lethargic so maybe it is fish TB.
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    Have you tested ammonia and nitrite levels? If those are OK I would look at pH and list all chemicals being used.
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    Those r my tank stats.

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    Another fish now seems to have a swim bladder issue but is still eating.

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    Fish Tuberculosis
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    pH of 6.4 is on the low side for typical aquariums. Also, you need to test for ammonia which is probably the #1 killer of fish. It can have neurotoxic effects which are often mistaken for swim bladder problems.
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