Dying fish!!!

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    In December 2014 I had 3 balloon mollies over time I replaced a fish that died because of disease. Gradually I got 4 bronze corydoras 2 nerite snails and 2 'long nose' snails (as they were labelled). I have never had a problem with my snails. About a month ago I woke up in the morning and my newest balloon molly died. I couldn't think of a reason why so I posted on here. No one knew what had happened and the solution was to keep an eye out for the other fish. This morning I woke up and yet another balloon molly had died. One of the original ones from December. No reason that I can think of on why she died. The water parameters are perfect and there really isn't anything I can think of that is making them die. Is my remaining 1 balloon molly in danger of death?

    Any help would be highly appreciated
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    Hi and welcome.
    The tank is 16 us gallons (if litres is correct in your profile) is just too small for mollys.
    Sometimes if fish are put in an environment that causes stress-in this case the size of the tank, then the fish may become ill or unable to function effectively. This could be the reason.

    However, a second problem with balloon molly is that their shape is not a natural shape for mollys and in fact is a deformity if I recall correctly. This shape can in fact have an effect on their health.
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    Thanks everyone I had known about those problems but only after I had them. I thought because I had had them so long it would be okay. I'll look after the remaining one till it dies then think about different fish