Dying Betta... Important

  1. Jac10 Initiate Member

    My female beta is almost 2-1/2 years old.
    A few months ago, we moved her from a 1-1/2 gallon cube to a 10 gallon tank with filter and heater. She had always done fine in the 1-1/2 cube and I completely changed out the water every few weeks (now I've read this was incorrect but she was never ill once.)
    After about a month in the new 10 gallon, she got pop-eye. I went to the pet store and they recommended Microbe-lift artemiss (they have no other antibiotics there except beta-fix) and turning off the filter so she could rest.
    I did the artemiss for at least 10 days. She had been on death's door just lying listlessly, not eating. She revived and was super happy for a few weeks.
    On Christmas Day, she stopped eating. She hasn't eaten since last Monday now. Her lips are swollen and she has a tiny bit of white fluff above them.
    Other symptoms are staying at the top of the tank, swimming in little circles, and if she goes near the filter while it's on, just getting pushed around by it.
    I have done so much reading and seeing so much conflicting info, I didn't know if I should try to the Artemiss again. I did. I did a partial water change about a week ago.

    Should I do another one? Leave the filter on or off? (because it seems hard for her to rest with the current pulling her to and fro), Should I use the artemiss for more days? (I also took the actual filter out because the pet store person told it'd absorb the medicine)
    The fish doesn't seem particularly miserable like it did with Popeye but it's almost a week since she ate and she shows zero interest.
    I'm very confused after doing so much reading, how much I should be cleaning the tank. I thought weekly changes, using the siphon about 50% was ok. I hardly see any poop come up though. Should I stir up the rocks first?
    Any advice you can give would be great. It's been seven days almost of watching her constantly, and waking up daily expecting to find her dead.
    This fish is such a fighter, so smart, and is so important in my family. Thank you.
  2. FishCareGuide Member Member

    What are you feeding it? If you feed a betta fish the same food for a huge period of time it will stop eating suddenly and completely. Power filters are supposed to push bettas around as bettas are weak swimmers and power filters are strong. I'll do some research on her mouth.

    OK, seems like she might have some mouth fungus... If there is white fluff...

  3. Jac10 Initiate Member

    Thanks. SHe's never been pushed around by the filter before like this. She has trouble swimming at all, and can only move anywhere by going around in small circles. I've found other people posting online about the swollen mouth. She had it actually a month ago with the popeye, so I thought maybe it was bacterial related too. It had gone away and came back last week. That's when she stopped eating. SHe's normally a GREAT eater and comes as soon as i shake her food. She usually eats about three pellets in the morning and evening- and now has not had anything for a week. SHe's a metallic fish, and the pet store guy told me that they have a genetic thing where they get tumors. I'm wondering if the swimming in circles is neurological. Maybe the lips too?

    So if it's fungus, should I do the ARtemiss? I think it's tea tree oil and I keep reading that this isn't good for labyrinth fish...but it did get her better from the popeye.
  4. MrFluffie Member Member

    That is so tough!! You clearly really care. Can you go to the store and get an api test kit? If you test the water, it is the best way for the people here to guide you.

    Ps- another partial water change today will not hurt.

  5. AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    Hi there. Welcome to Fishlore.

    It sounds like she has cotton mouth. Which is columnaris. It is treatable with antibiotics.

    I am not sure who told you to turn off the filter, but that was the wrong thing to do. The filter should never be turned off, unless you are doing a water change. If the filter is too strong, you may consider getting a sponge filter instead. But it is very important to have a filter going at all times. Do you know about the nitrogen cycle?

    The medications you need are Kanamycin and Nitrofurazone. Both are antibiotics. You will use them together. Kanamycin is found in Seachem Kanaplex and Nitrofurazone is found in Jungle Fungus Clear Fizz tabs or API Furan-2. You need to do 2 rounds of the meds. So the medication is in the tank for 7-10 days.

    Be sure to remove the carbon from your filter. If you use cartridges then make a slit in the cartridge and dump out the carbon, but the cartridge back into the filter.

    Do a large water change prior to the start of the meds, 75-90%. To make sure the water is nice and clean. Then you will do a small water change in between the 2 rounds, and a large water change at the end of the second round.

    You can order the antibiotics online on Amazon. Jungle Fungus Clear is a Walmart brand.
  6. Jac10 Initiate Member

    Thank you! I'll do another partial water change now...but I'm worried putting in what they gave me at the pet store isn't good? It's microbe-lift artemiss- i think basically tea tree oil. It worked well for the popeye, and she was happy as could be for a few weeks- like a new fish! At that time I took the water to be tested at the pet store, and the guy there i trust said it was fine. She isn't eating- and not going to the bathroom...but i had had the filter out for a while when I was giving the artemiss. Wondering if that had something to do with it. I have it out now again- the regular filter you change out...not the permanent one. I'll do a partial change now.She's just hanging out by me, and I just sit by her all day! Neglecting my 9 year old! The fish still goes to the top for breaths. She also spends a lot of time on her hammock and just literally sits on the hammock.
  7. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

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  8. Jac10 Initiate Member

    Thank you to whomever merged the threads. I was just trying to get info fast and misposted initially. I ordered the medications on Amazon just now- my pet store didn't have anything like that. I am not sure if Tuesday will be too late though. OK- so I'll keep the filter on for now. Maybe the artemiss I have until I get the other meds? It seemed to help with popeye and she's seeming slightly improved since I gave it. When I get the meds on Tuesday, if she's alive, God willing, I'll do exactly as you say.
  9. MrFluffie Member Member

    . Yeah do a 40 percent water change right now. Don’t give her any more of that Teatree oil stuff. You are doing really great. I can tell you really care. Is money in issue? I can tell you some stuff to try and get on Amazon prime to be delivered today as you sit by her but you don’t need to go that route if you don’t want to.

    Ok. I just saw that you Alreasy ordered stuff from Amazon so you don’t need to order more stuff on the one day delivery if that seems like a bit much
  10. Jac10 Initiate Member

    OK- I'll do that water change now. I already placed the order, and I have amazon prime but the soonest it said was tuesday. If you can find that same stuff recommended above that can be delivered sooner, yes, let me know! I'm willing to pay.

  11. MrFluffie Member Member

    Ps/ I am a bettA lover and have good instincts and do a lot of reading but I’m relatively new. Most of the other people on this thread have a lot more experience than I do. Now that The threads are merged I see that you are getting some very good advice from knowledgeable and invested people.
  12. Jac10 Initiate Member

    OK- thank you! Your moral support is genuinely appreciated!

    Thank you so much. I ordered both meds, but I'm not sure if Tuesday will be too late for my little fish. She's been hanging on for so long now and hasn't eaten in almost a week. I wish I could get the medications sooner...or wish I'd thought of finding a forum like this sooner. I feel so to blame for her illness and she is relying on me.
  13. BReefer97 Well Known Member Member

    Fish can go weeks without eating so don't worry too much about that factor of it. Sending you luck! I'm sure he'll pull through :)
  14. Jac10 Initiate Member

    Thanks- that's what i was wondering about...she doesn't even look quite as bad as a few weeks ago when she had popeye, but it was the not eating thing that made me think she's going to die from starvation. Thanks!
  15. Dawn Michele Well Known Member Member

    Welcome to Fishlore and hope your Betta feels better.
  16. Jac10 Initiate Member

    Thank you! I do too!
  17. Jac10 Initiate Member

    Two photos I just took. The white actually only appeared in the last day...but she's been sick since last Monday- not eating, swimming in circles. It's hard to see in photos, but her lips are swollen and look like a snout from the side view.

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  18. FishCareGuide Member Member

    Oh no, look at the way her head is! That's terrible! :( We wish you luck.
  19. BReefer97 Well Known Member Member

    Anyway you can take a picture with your flash on? I'm just curious and my eye sight is mainly no good.
  20. Jac10 Initiate Member

    Hi there, I am ready to add the meds. My fish is still hanging on...but I noticed the Jungle Fungus Clear has chemicals known to cause cancer. :( I wish i'd ordered the other one you suggested. I just wanted to be sure, since I'm completely going by what you suggested here- it's safe to add both meds starting the same day and have them in there together? Just curious why she needs both at the same time? Should I alternate days with the 2 different meds, or literally start them both today?

    Thank you.