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    I am keen on making a different shaped aquarium, something which sits on the shelf.

    Will the glass hold, will it require aluminium supporting frames around?

    The size of each base is around 10" X 13"


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    sorry no pic came through.

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    interesting sounding design. I would think you would want to support all the edges of the tank and depending on how tall your making it you would want some strong support under it. seeing a 10" and 13" base alone sound like it could be close to a 15-20 gallon footprint which would be about 200 pounds depending on the height and width of all the edges
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    Hello! Aquatop actually sells bookshelf tanks in 3 gallon, 6 gallon, and 12 gallon (and more) varieties!

    Which gallonage sounds best for your fish?

    The 12 gallon long is pefect to sit inside a window and large shelf, but would likely need to go above the shelf instead of inside it actually on a shelf.

    This is the 12 gallon... It's about the size of a 20 gallon long so you can comfortably keep a few normal cories or a school of dwarf cories in there!
    A normal 10 gallon kit filter works fine, but depending on which fish you keep, you may want a bubble stone on the other side as well.

    I can try to head to my lfs and get you the measurments of their tanks...
    Also no! No brace is needed and neither is any sort of stand if you flat bottom it!

    Here's my 12.. It's got a 36 inch base...
    I've measured the width of the glass before... It's just about half a cm or 5-6 mm
    It's got low profile silicone, so it's minimal, and yours will likely have a lot more support on it than mine does.

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    Just remember that a gallon of water is a little over 8 pounds, so factoring in the weight of the glass, substrate, hardscape, and water, even a small tank of 2 gallons can weight between 20 and 30 pounds.
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    The 90's on the bottom you will have to euro brace on the back side to keep them from pushing out.
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    thanks, did check their website earlier today, have emailed them my query as well, hope they reply.

    yup, thanks

    thanks, hopefully the picture is loaded this time, await your thoughts on this

    thanks, so you do think the glass should hold right?
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    Using the right thickness yes it should be fine.