Dyed Arowanas

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    I'm looking for someone who has knowledge on dyed arowanas. I have the option to rescue one for free, and I will be placing it in a 250gal tank, which may be upgraded to a bigger size down the road as the arowana grows.

    What I don't understand is that my LFS told me someone had dyed the arowana. Is this ethical? Are there complications that could arise out of this?

    It's a beautiful blue arowana, and I don't mind that the color is not natural, but what I don't understand is the concept of dying it, and if that could cause any issues.
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    From what I have read this is what the main issues are:
    Weakened immune system

    Reduced lifespan

    Stunted growth

    Eventual loss of colored dye (within a few months)

    Increased risk of infection.
    here is a good link:

    good luck with everything! I'd love to see pics if you get it :)
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    It is unfortunate that it could have complications of that. I think I'm going to get it anyways since I can at least ensure that it will have a good remainder of it's life, especially since it's had a rough life thus far.

    Hopefully the lifespan isn't shortened too much. Will post pics tonight. Also, thanks for the share!
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    I think I would do the same thing - you didn't go out LOOKING for a dyed one but why not give it the best quality of life if given the opportunity :) I'd LOVE to see pics when you get it!
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    Is it cycled? Test the water also!