Dwarf Umbrella Palm

  1. Jellibeen

    Jellibeen Well Known Member Member

    I was looking into getting emergent plants for my aquarium. In my research, i saw dwarf umbrella palm come up a few times. I saw some at a nursery today and picked it up. It was being grown as an annual for outdoor ponds. Has anyone grown them in an aquarium before? I am also wondering how best to prepare it for my aquarium. I think i will keep it in a pot but would still like to do a bleach dip to avoid introducing anything unpleasant into my tank.
  2. D

    DutchAquarium Well Known Member Member

    they do fine in the aquarium as long as the leaves are above the water line. They like a higher lighting and are medium nutrient feeders in my opinion.
  3. Fahn

    Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    Just wash the roots really well, trim them if necessary. Rinse the whole plant to remove bugs and anything that may have been sprayed on. Don't keep it in a pot with the dirt it came in, it may contain added fertilizers, pesticides, and material that can affect your water parameters. Put it in a pot of aquasoil, or organic potting soil capped with an inch of sand/gravel.

    I have big philodendrons growing out of the back of a 30 gallon at work, looks really good!
  4. OP

    Jellibeen Well Known Member Member

    Thanks! I put it in a new pot and didn’t account for how long it would take to waterlog. Hopefully it’ll be ready tomorrow.

    How deep can i submerge it? Should everything but the roots be above water?