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Hey guys, my first question for everyone...so I've had my tank for 4 months now(you may have seen my thank you post).
Most intriguing thing
I woke up yesterday and did my usual check on my tank(count of fish, check to make sure everyone looks healthy and happy, etc etc) noticed my red rilI shrimp was missing, nothing new, it hides in the plants. Got home from work did my second check, fed the fish..and usually the rilI comes out to eat. My red cherry is still very active, so I'm thinking maybe the rilI is just hiding really well, ill find him when I do the water change tomorrow if he doesn't appear...did my tank change today..and the rilI seems to be absolutely gone. No where..I ended up taking out all my decorations looking for it, checked in my filter...nothing. Could the cherry barbs have killed it?( theyve all been tank mates for 2 months together, I got the barbs really small, they avoid both shrimp when they are swimming, why I figured they had had all adjusted together, I know its always a **** shoot though) I'm just dumbfounded, I even checked all around the tank to see if it had walked out a hose or the heater. Any opinions outside of the barbs killed it? Lol


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I doubt the cherry barbs would eat a full grown neo shrimp. They’re almost the same size.

My guess is it’s still hiding.

My gourami, pearl danios, and puffers all feast on shrimp. But my neon tetras and rummynose tetras don’t. They’re about the same size as cherry barbs so I’m guessing they’d act the same.

Jack B Nimble

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I took out 5 cherry barbs out of a 46g after they constant harass my reds, they are on my nasty fish list and not sure why they listed as calm and friendly, at least not my bunch ! I had 6 of them and wasn't enough to keep them in a calm school so I assume they even meaner if smaller numbers. As far as missing a shrimp that could be multiple reasons and even they seem to show up out of no where as times.

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