dwarf pygmy pea puffer tank

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    oo7 New Member Member

    Hello all, I have a 29g tank and I am interested in getting a school of DP's, but I have a few questions before I purchase these little guys though.

    Can I do a non-planted tank providing I can make enough hiding spots(caves, tunnels, burrows, etc.) for them? I want to do this using only real lava rock, mopani wood, and sand substrate.

    I also read conflicting information on how many to keep in a certain size tank and I know these guys are small, but MESSY eaters! So how many could I realistically keep in this size tank?

  2. Pikachu13131

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    I think a planted tank is a requirement for theres,when I see them in my LFS the seem to enjoy the plants.i think you could keep 10 with plants to break up sight lines.
  3. SmilingJocker

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    The rule for stocking multiple dwarf puffers is 10 gallons for the first one and an additional 5 gallons for each one after that. So for 29 gallons you can do 5.
    They are extremely aggressive and territorial so the plants are to keep them from seeing each other. This is also the reason for having such a high water volume requirement for fish so small.
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    that's weird, I guess most people overstock them because I have seen schools of 6 kept in as little as 5g, nano tanks, and they all seem to not have any issues.

    It's not that I want like 50 of them in my 29g, was thinking more along the line of 12 or so.

    I am no expert, but I have to disagree about the plants, I think as long as the tank is heavily decorated with plenty of caves, tunnel, etc, that they should be fine. A hiding spot is a hiding spot, not sure how it beimg a plant will differ. I can always throw them in my tank, and if they dont make use of the caves etc. I can always add plants
  5. BellatheBetta

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    go for 7 puffers. they have great personalities but are agressive so dont get any more than that. decor with no plants should be fine as long as there is enough wood and lava rock etc.
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    Hey oo7, welcome to the club. These guys are great. I agree, you don't necessarily need plants as long as there are enough decorations to break up their lines of sight. Outside of their potential aggression, it's also to keep them entertained since they are always moving and exploring. However, I personally like plants because they help keep the water cleaner as well. It's good that you have a backup plan in case they don't just like the rock & wood work. If you need simple plants after, you can have a java/windelov fern and/or anubias jungle attached to all your decor.

    There is no magical stocking number, but 6 in a 5G is too much long term IMO. But also, only 5 in a 29G is a little excessive as well. These guys are TINY and the tank will look empty. Every puffer is different when it comes to temperament so it's hard to say how they'll be, especially in a group. Just have a backup plan in case one or more are a little crazy, like an QT tank or place to return/bring them. Now I don't have any experience with any breeding pairs but would imagine they aren't friendly. Pea puffers are typically not as bad as most people think. But any puffer can be mean. The red eye dwarf species are usually pretty feisty.

    However many you decide to get, try getting them all young and at the same time. The only issue is you won't be able to sex them. I just would try for more females. While I have a male and he's fine, in general more females vs males is better. You might want to try 9-10 and when they get older take out a couple males if needed. You never know, they may all get along great.

    Regardless, I would just have lots of food options (live and frozen) available as this may be the hardest part. They can be picky! And look into deworming them. With just 1 or 2 you might get away with it, but with a group I most likely would. It's fairly easy. And over filtration is always best.
  7. OP

    oo7 New Member Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome, advise, and replies:;toastI will take everything said into consideration.

    One more question. I am looking for a new HOB filter, any suggestions? aquaclear 70, fluval c3, etc?
  8. SmilingJocker

    SmilingJocker Valued Member Member

    I use the petsmart ones (top-fin) with the fluvial pre filter sponges.
    Top-fin filters are cheap and work pretty good.
  9. Gena

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    I recommend less puffers than more. They may only be an inch long but their 'tude is more like five inches!

    I have a canister filter for my puffer tank. Over filtration is a must.
  10. SmilingJocker

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  11. OP

    oo7 New Member Member

    I have read over filtration is a must. My tank came with a not so good filter, so new filter is in line. My wife seems to think I can just change the media in the filter to make it better, while I suggested anew one, AC70 or Fluval C3. I don't have room for a canister, I can get away with a quality power filter
  12. SmilingJocker

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    Try making sure there is active water flow throughout the tank.. With a power head for example.
    That way you might be able to keep the water clean a bit easier.
  13. SmilingJocker

    SmilingJocker Valued Member Member

    Another option would be to have two hang on the back filters that are rated to about half the aquarium size in two different sides of the tank so there is enough water flow and you get much more filtration.