Dwarf Pufferfish

  1. Megan1001 Initiate Member

    I have a 5 gallon tank and was wondering whether I can fit 2 dwarf puffers in it or just get 1. It will be heavily planted with some hiding spots. Is 2 overstocked or would they get to nippy?
  2. kuhlkid Member Member

    Referring to the article here, I'd say just one! 5 gallons per puffer is the minimum recommendation, due to their territorial nature.
  3. Megan1001 Initiate Member

    Ok thank you I'll stick with one. My friend wants to put 3 in a heavily planted 10 gallon with a lot of hiding places. If she cleans it regularly would it be ok or will having 3 together make them even more aggressive. Should I tell her to just do 2 or will 3 be ok without them getting very aggressive.
  4. Kenny777 Well Known Member Member

    3 would be fine in a 10gallon but only 1 should be in a 5. 1 puffer is mininum 5gallons but adding one is every 2-3 gallons
  5. Megan1001 Initiate Member

    Last thing. Does any one know if the dwarf puffers and adf's are compatible or does it just depends on the puffers personality.
  6. Kenny777 Well Known Member Member

    Dwarf puffers shouldn't be with any other fish or creature in the tank because they all tend to be aggressive so it's better to have 1 male for every 3 females.

    They should be in an only species tank.
  7. Megan1001 Initiate Member

    Ok ill put the frog in my 10 gallon instead
  8. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    I'd just do one. And the frog would be a bad idea with one, as well.