Dwarf Puffer Tank.

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    AnnaSensee Initiate Member

    Hi. I hope this is in the right spot.
    I am cycling a 30 gallon tank. I want 6 dwarf puffers. Does it seem to have enough different zones? Any other sugestions?
    I am hoping it will be finished cycling sometime next week, it will have been about 3 weeks on monday.
    I will be adding some wood that I got from my parents this weekend. :)

    Thank you for your time.
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    bryangar Well Known Member Member

    Looks good. Be sure it’s a species only tank as they will chomp up any other fish. I would also have a second tank to breed snail to feed them as part of their diet and to keep their teeth short. Maybe even add some floating plants like frogbit. I’d also add a bunch more rock work with small caves.

    I’d be weary with adding a random piece of wood you found at your parents house. There can be many problem that can come from that.
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    AnnaSensee Initiate Member

    Thank you!
    I read you can boil the wood and it will be safe, but if not I won't add it.