Dwarf Powder Blue Gourami Recovery

  1. LionessModeling Initiate Member

    So about a month ago my son's dwarf blue gourami got itself stuck in a decor castle and I had to break the castle to get him out and the next day he had nasty injuries so I set up my 10gal tank and quarintied him in case he was sick and so the injuries could heal up I will attach then and now pics of his injuries.

    The first 5 photos are post getting stuck.
    The last 4 photos are after about a month in isolation tank. 2a47b030fc185d6eca7af1738de512c0.jpg 1fd585de3da6598e657ac72712f8b2ed.jpg 70b2a66d2e84a36457f718db74d93d11.jpg a5e960e9b82619ff523ec0e3a7742f39.jpg 93d6c103d2b4b65ec57c5f7a83ad40f6.jpg 9ab7cd108efc4444c6b10f3932e935c1.jpg 19ecbf29299663a091731eafbd1fa873.jpg df4e2aba4aab35d95beb822828ad4045.jpg 3924a371d55aaf65f6999892d848ba40.jpg
  2. IndigoTJo Well Known Member Member

    It looks in good health to me, am I missing something wrong with him? I have one myself, they have such great personality.

    Edit: I was talking about the last few pictures :/

  3. AmnScott Well Known Member Member

    Fresh clean water will be the ultimate medicine to help him heal. He doesn't look too beat up, just some damaged scales. Water changes and time should be enough.
  4. LionessModeling Initiate Member

    When I put him in isolation his scales were rotting part of his tail fin was gone with a white moldy looking fuzz on the wound.
    Some people on here told me he had the dish equizilant of human tuberculosis but in fish and that it was common in blue gouramis.

    Now his tail fin is growing back where the chunk was missing from and his scales are healing up.

    I have been doing water changed and have had him in isolation for about a month now

  5. IndigoTJo Well Known Member Member

    There is no way I know to truly dx a fish with tb. Why would someone say that? Did something happen in the healing process that changed?
  6. LionessModeling Initiate Member

    I was told it's the equizilant to tuberculosis not that it was tuberculosis.
    The photos of him after the incident of him getting stuck he was really beat up and looked like he was rotting and was bloated.

    So one of the members on this forum said told me it was a fish disease that's the equizilant to human tuberculosis and that he would keep getting sicker and inevitably die.

    But I don't think that's the case now that I can see how much he's healed up in the short time he's been in quarintine without any meds.

    So I think he was just really beat up and had a mild infection that being in isolation with clean water and frequent water changes helped heal him.
  7. IndigoTJo Well Known Member Member

    I am going to say that person was wrong and I am surprised they said that, must have been scary for you. He looks to be doing great. As soon as you feel comfortable, I would drip acclimate him back to the main tank.

  8. AmnScott Well Known Member Member

    Be careful with online diagnosis. It can be inaccurate sometimes. If he's bloated you can try fasting him for two to three days, after he's healed up.
  9. IndigoTJo Well Known Member Member

    I agree, if he is still bloated try a few day fast. Is he showing any other symtoms still?
  10. LionessModeling Initiate Member

    He hasnt been bloated now for a week and his fins and scales are almost all healed I'm going to keep him in isolation for a month or so longer until he is fully healed and then I'm going to reintroduce him to the community tank

  11. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    They were probably talking about DGIV which is super common in dwarf gouramis. If you google it, some of the symptoms match with the symptoms it sounds like the fish was presenting.
  12. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    Racing is correct I think.
    Long time it was thought to be tb.
    This fish shows several symptoms of DGIV in my opinion an is certainly not healthy.
    Sorry !
  13. IndigoTJo Well Known Member Member

    I will look it up jic so I can know the symptoms. I just added mine to my tank a few weeks ago.