Dwarf Pencilfish in 33 gallon?


Hi all,

I am looking to add a school to my community tank (around 33G). I have read mixed reviews of keeping Dwarf Pencilfish in a community tank. Some say it is ideal and others say it is too timid. The stocking is going to be a pretty peaceful one, with a single Bolivian Ram, 2 Honey Gouramis, and Otos taking up the most part. Anyone do this or have any thoughts?

(Note:- I am aware of people warning of Otos, I have had them in my tank now for a few weeks and they have only gotten fatter and are insanely active.)


There’s a couple of species of pencil fish in Australia . I have the cheap black and white ones.
Needs a good size of school in my opinion.
Has a tiny mouth needs small crushed foods.
Eats live baby brine willingly.
Easy to spawn but hard to raise the tiny fry that requires tiny live foods.

To be honest they are nothing special to look at .You might as well have White Cloud Mountain minnows unless you can get corals ( red) at a good price?


Are we talking Nannostomus marginatus or Nannostomus in general?

Generally Nannostomus are much more aggressive within their species as one might expect, so a good ratio for the sexes might bie 2-3 males to 10 females. They are absolutely not aggressive to other species though.

I only see probable conflict with the gourami, as both tend to stay in the upper third. You will need a LOT of surface cover with twigs, floating plants and high-growing semi-emerse plants.

86 ssinit

I had 3 red pencil fish in a 29g for a few years. I thought they were great fish. Very hard to find here. I bought on a whim! Wanted more but never seen again. They looked like cherry barbs but much more peaceful.

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