Dwarf Neon Rainbow


I have 2 pair of neon rainbows, the 2 male seems to be acting aggressively toward one of the females that’s to say it looks like they paired up. At any rate, I am not in a position to deal with fry at this juncture in time.
I don’t care if they spawn, if any fry live fine but I am not after fry at this time.
My question is Can I leave the pairs in the same tank or should I separate the males from the females? I don’t want the males to harass the females and cause stress.

Mick Frost

They're naturally a schooling fish. Separating them will likely cause as much stress as leaving them together, if not more. 4 isn't really adequate for these guys though, so there's probably going to be some bickering no matter what.

They will eat their fry if the fry can't hide.
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Question, my male neon gets a bright yellow or gold strip on its head running between its eyes. Is this a sign of him being ready for mating. It comes and goes.

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