Dwarf Neon Rainbow Vertically Swimming

  1. B3tta fishy Member Member

    hello again! A few days ago I bought 6 dwarf neon rainbowfish from my lfs. They were all doing well until like 20 mins ago. One of the females is swimming vertically and she has a weird bump under her chin. It’s not columnaris because she had it when I got her. And now she’s gulping air from the surface. I also can’t put her in a hospital/quarantine tank because some of my neons are occupying it. If anyone could help that’d be great. Thank you so much. Also ignore the ugly algae on the wall in the pics lol

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  2. endlercollector Fishlore VIP Member

    I would return her to the LFS now and get a replacement. Were you unable to quarantine this group of fish?
  3. B3tta fishy Member Member

    Yes. My quarantine/hospital tank is being used. She is now on the substrate upside down still breathing leaning on my mystery snail. Thanks.
  4. B3tta fishy Member Member

    Now she’s gone :(
  5. B3tta fishy Member Member

    And now two of my other females are doing it. So now I’m gonna lose them. I’ll just catch them in the net and put them in a bucket with water and an air pump for now until they go so they don’t come into anymore contact with the healthy ones
  6. endlercollector Fishlore VIP Member

    I'm so sorry to hear that. I have completely stopped getting fish from any LFS around me after too many batches of exhausted fish shipped all the way from Thailand. They're the few survivors, and too many drop dead. I only buy fish online direct from breeders. I know it's probably too cold for you to do that now, but maybe you could try it once things get warmer. It is so worth it to pay for shipping just to get fish that will actually flourish.