Dwarf Lionfish compatibility


My friend is trying to get rid of his dwarf lionfish that he has, and I was wondering if it would be compatible the fish that my brother has. My brother will be inheriting these two fish:

and possibly the dwarf lionfish.

he has a 92g corner tank with no other fish in it at the moment...

would that be okay?


as calm and shy as they may seem, all lion fish will try to eat anything that fits into their mouth. like invertebrates. the clowns MIGHT be ok with the fuzzy lions.


I'm guessing that's a lunare wrasses and a clarkiI clown. As long as those two won't fit in the lion's mouth than you will be okay. Remember lions can really stretch open there mouths. I've heard of lions eating prey nearly their size.
If there's any question as to if they will fit than don't do it.
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we chose not to go with the lionfish

the lunar wrasse and the clownfish were enough!

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