Dwarf lilies suddenly melting


Help troubleshooting sudden dwarf lily 'melts'. LONG POST

I've been having trouble keeping these lilies healthy. About two months ago I picked up a few lilies and they were doing extremely well in a lowtech 55, with a Finnex 24/7, Osmocote root tabs, seachem root tabs, and regular flourish comp dosing. After I switched to EI method dry ferts, and a different brand of root tabs they started to melt on me. They went from about 20 leaves and a 2' height each to maybe 1/3 their original size in about two weeks. Now they have what looks like mold around their crown. They also have pea sized holes in their leaves probably caused by the tiger barbs (which wasn't a big deal when it grew and replaced leaves so quickly). The bulbs were also mostly buried in the substrate, but are now only 1/3 buried. Two weeks ago I also had to divide one of the lilies because it was so huge and had so many smaller plantlets (which sadly melted away completely). I was trimming back 2-5 leaves weekly. Now it looses a leaf each day and grows a new one every 5~ days. 0,0,40

Any idea what could be causing this?

Sand substrate, tiger barbs, ruby barbs, otos, dwarf gourami, neon tetra, weekly 50% water changes, ph 7.5, 78-80 degrees

Last pic is a month ago for comparison

Edit- The tank has been up and running since may 22nd



What are the fert levels in the old ones in comparison to the new ones?
Do you have the N-P-K numbers for both?
A difference in the levels could cause it or a difference in the ingredients could cause it.

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