Dwarf Hairgrass Being Stubborn


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When I got my hair grass a few weeks ago I didn't think and separated it into tiny, tiny bits. They're all still alive but really too small to take root. Any tips for getting them to stay? My substrate is gravel and they usually come up because the snails crawl over them and my pleco whizzes past, thrashing his fins quite violently (he does that when he's defending his algae pellet from the mollies)


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You're actually supposed to divide them into tiny bits- about 4-5 "blades" per piece.

You say you're using gravel, but you did not say whether you are using root tabs or fertilizer. This would also be an important factor. Hairgrass does best in a fine substrate, not in coarse gravel, but with the right nutrients it can do okay in coarser substrates.

I'm not sure if your goal is a "carpet", but if it is, you're far more likely to be successful with a dry start method, where you plant the hairgrass in the substrate and let it fill in before you "flood" or add water to the tank. Unfortunately you've got fish so it's too late to use this method, so you might want to try adding root tabs and/or starting over with a new carpet plant.

However, as you say yours is still alive, I'd advise you not to give up. Separating into tiny bits is not the problem, but where there's life, there's hope.

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