Dwarf hair grass

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    Hey guys! :;hi1

    I am starting up a new 63g tank and I am planning on planting about 50% of it with dwarf hair grass, Could anyone who has some experience of planting this grass please give me some pointers on how to plant and maintain it? I am doing a lot of research!

    I know I need to lay down base aquarium soil, but I am not sure if I need to lay aquasoil fertilizers underneath the aquasoil. I am also unsure if I put my sand ontop of the soil and then plant the grass through the sand into the soild or just straight into the soil,

    I know that once it has grown to a good height I must trim it to about 2cm length to stimulate healthy growth.

    Thanks for reading all and have a nice day!
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    How I did it was I took the bunch I got and pulled it apart and put the pieces one inch apart in my sand and used liquid frets. But I would say you can plant though the sand to your soil I believe it will be less of a mess specially if you use plant tweezers.
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    For my hairgrass I took it out of the pot and made sure it was all facing up and then just jammed it in the sand. I also sprinkled sand on top to keep it from floating up and it is rooting very well now. Some of the original is turning a bit brown... possibly because I didn't spread it out enough? But I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just pull it apart some and then sprinkle sand on top to keep it down. You could also weigh it down with rocks or weights.
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    Ah I see, do you guys don't think you specifically need to have soil under the sand for it? Thanks for all the replies, I really appreciate all the help! :)
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    I am going to have 2 T8 36w lights in a 240L (63g) Tank, is that sufficient?
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    I would put soil under the sand to give the grass more nutrients because dwarf harigrass is a high light plant. If a plant is high light it will need high carbon levels and lots of nutrients as well. There always needs to be a balance between those three... if one is too high or too low it can cause bad algae outbreaks and the plants won't grow as well. One member a while back had a good analogy... think of it as a tripod. It is only as tall as the shortest leg. So your plants will only really do as good as the lowest level of carbon, nutrients, or light and the excess of whatever you have enough of that the plants don't need gets consumed by algae which can choke out your plants. Sorry for the rant haha...so basically I would have soil but its up to you.