Dwarf Gourami

  1. Susie Initiate Member

    :'( I had to euthanize my lovely dwarf gourami, today. I accidently touched him, while cleaning the tank, and he ran into the glass and injured himself. I hoped he would recover, but unfortunately he didn't. I had him for a year and he was a real character. Gourmie was a wonderful fish and I'll miss him.
  2. Miss Mouse Well Known Member Member

    Ahhh poor little guy! Same happened to my goldfish today except he survived - He cracked into the glass really hard and just dropped to the bottom for about 5 minutes - then I popped some food into the tank and he suddenly realised he was ok ::) Silly fishy. I always worry the moment one of them does something like that!

  3. SharkLover Initiate Member

    sorry :(
  4. Susie Initiate Member

    Thank you for your sympathy.

    Now my betta passed away, I'm not sure why.

  5. Miss Mouse Well Known Member Member

    Ohh noooo! Poor little thing :'(