Dwarf Gourami With Guppies?

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So, my girlfriend really likes guppies and want to get her some to look at in my tank.
I currently have 3 male tuqoise dwarf gourami (newly introduced as of 5 hours ago) and 2 one inch BN Plecos (been in the tank for 4 or 5 days now.
The issue I'm having is, I'm reading conflicting information ... some say guppies and DWARF gouramis are good together, other sources say they do not go well as the gouramis will eat the guppies.
What do the fine people here have to say on the issue?

Tank info;
Tank is 90 gallons I'm running 2 canister filters (Rena Filstar xp3 = 380 got, hydor = 270 gph), tank is obviously fully cycled.

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They should be fine together. Dwarf gouramis can't eat guppies, unless you get guppy fry.
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The guy actually dis give me 2 fry because he made me wait half an hour longer.
These guys are not as big as I thought they'd be bigger. They're in a sandwich bag ..lol
So, I assume the fry won't make it at All, but the others should be good ?
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I think they would be fine as I have guppies and dwarf gourami together and there are still lots of guppy fry. And I haven't seen the gourami eat a fry. The guppies are actually very curious of the gourami when I introduced it in the tank and are investigating it from afar. So far, they are now comfortable around it.
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Great looking tank! Good luck. I had a dwarf gourami in my first tank, years ago. I had no problem with them getting along with anyone.
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I'd keep an eye on those Dwarf Gourami's. Generally, DG's do not get along with one another and will fight to the death at some point. But you have a large tank, so you may be able to get away with having multiples.
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Thanks for the compliments on the tank!

As of right now, 14 hours after introducing the GUPPIES, it appears all are present. I have yet to locate the fry, but I expected them to not make it (that's not to say they haven't made it, I just haven't seen them this morning). I watched the fish in the tank for a couple hours last night and the gourami were curious of the guppies but not aggressive towards them, no one is chasing anyone around at all.

As for the gouramis going at each other, they seem to be fine so far, as a matter of fact, it appears 2 of the 3 are best buds. They're together for the most part, the other guys just does his own thing. Also I read somewhere, as long as I have hiding spots for them (Which as you can see in he pics, I have a fair amount of them) and big enough tank I should be alright. Another thing I've been told is their odds of fighting diminish with the more you have ( I.e. : 1 gourami good, 2 bad, 3 alright, 4 or more good. I am planning on getting another one or 2 this week or next. Just want to make sure these 3 guys do well before I throw more in there.
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I can't say about DG's but I've kept two Honeys with my male guppies with no problems.
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Yeah, that's the thing with DG's, they seem to get along fine, even seem like best friends and then one day...

But like I said, your tank is large enough and has some pretty good hiding spots, so you may get away with having multiples. But don't be shocked if it doesn't work out. I had a pair of males in my 46g tank at one time and thought it would work out, The two DG's hung out together all the time, then I come home from work one day to find both pretty badly beaten up. The one with the most injuries died the next day, the "winner" only lived about another week.
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It is a large tank so hopefully it will work out with the DGs ... I just don't like the idea that one may have to hide all the time to get away from a more aggressive gourami. I ended up taking my aggressive male back and keeping the more laid back DG. He has 4 feeder endlers as tank mates and never bothers them. In fact, they actually help him feel more secure so he doesn't hide as much as he once did.

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