Dwarf Gourami With 6 Glofish Skirt Tetras?

  1. BubbledCity Member Member

    I have a 15 gallon tank with 6 glofish skirt tetras and 5 ghost shrimp. Now I'm just wondering if I can add a draw gourami to finish off the stocking for this Tank? The people at the store when I was picking up some prime that it would be okay, but I never really listen to them. For clarification, I didn't get one. So would this be okay?
  2. devin s. Member Member

    It may be risky, as Gouramis are known to be territorial. I had one in a 30 gal. Tank and he did fine. If you do decide to get one, watch him and the other fish's tail as he may attack and nip them. If you still want to keep him if he does turn out to be aggressive towards the other fish I would keep a backup tank on hand. And with the not trusting of pet store employees I totally agree. They tried to convince me having one cory would be ok in a community tank. (Cory's need 3 as a bare minimum and 6 for a healthy school)

  3. BubbledCity Member Member

    Actually, I have the same exact story. I have one cory in my tank right now because I asked the employee if it was better to get both of the two that were there because I saw them "dance" together on the side of the tank, but he said they were fine alone... so unfortunately I got only the one. Once I found out this was completely wrong, well, I lost my trust
  4. devin s. Member Member

    Currently I have to one in the 10 Gal tank, but I'm going to get him some buddies :)
    I don't know why pet stores don't properly train the employees and take better care of the fish.