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Hello all-

I have an aquarium at work, and long story short: It has had some fish turnover recently. I currently only have a Mollie and a newly purchased Dwarf Gourami. I usually quarantine the new fish for longer than I did, but the reason I bought another fish was because the Mollie I have was getting very depressed and was refusing to eat, and so I added the fish early (He was alone because his tank mates were cleared out from an Ich infestation). Thoroughly cleaned everything and bought new substrate and plants. The Mollie has not gotten sick at all, but I noticed on Friday that the GouramI was a little more sluggish than usual. He was not up off the rocks swimming around as much, and wasn't interested in food as much as normal. It wasn't anything super alarming at the time, as I figured maybe he was just still adjusting to the new environment (He had only been in the tank for a week). I came back to work Monday and realized I needed to keep an eye on the Gourami, because he still was not eating. No Ich spots, body of the fish looked great. Water parameters doing great. I did my normal 50% water change and left for home. Came back and he was still lethargic. I got to the store and got General Cure by API and just medicated the water. Mollie is still looking healthy, and no concerns. The fish is declining quickly, and now either lives on the floor of he tank in one spot or goes up for air when needed. I have attached a picture of the fish.

Tank information:
- 10 Gallon Tank
- River Rock substrate
- live plants (anubis and fern)
- light 6-8 hours a day
- Levels of water: Amonia: Safe (<.02ppm), pH Safe (7.5), Nitrate 20ppm, Nitrite 0, Carbonate Hardness 40ppm, General Hardness 30-60ppm (neutral).

Any thoughts or ideas on what could help?



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Dwarf GouramI are notorious for having health issues and from my experience Mollies make for terrible tank mates with Dwarf Gourami, combine this with a tank that is quite small for either fish and he could just be stressed from having the Molly around.

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