Dwarf gourami hurt ?

  1. bus927 Member Member

    [​IMG] his left side moves his right side stays down... Anyone have any ideas on what to do ?!

    https://vimeo.com/170887754 sorry for the bad video but it was the best I could get ..
  2. musserump09 Well Known Member Member

    need more info

    water good?
    tankmates size?

  3. bus927 Member Member

    Cycle should be complete, tankmates are guppies and platies, water is a bit cloudy but has been for a week or so.
  4. musserump09 Well Known Member Member

    API test your water?

    oh and new fish old fish?

  5. bus927 Member Member

    My test strips ran out a couple days ago, I've been trying to figure out why my water was cloudy.. Maybe I got carried away with testing my water and using too many.. I haven't had the luxury of running to the store to grab some more.. No new fish, all have been with him since I put him in the tank..
  6. musserump09 Well Known Member Member

    I would recommend a water change right away. API water test will take you to the promise land. lol he is prob reacting the water being toxic. (Ammonia Nitrite Nitrate)

    Prime will help with anything you need to do.

    my DG has Dropsy so i hope i got it in time but he is prob living out his last days. Nitrite is a pain.

    but i have one like yours too :)
  7. bus927 Member Member

    I just did a 10% change and he was swimming like crazy with the new water. Maybe I'll just grab a bottle of prime tomorrow and some test strips

  8. musserump09 Well Known Member Member

    sweet surrender! Prime will be your best choice. water changes help remove bad toxic water. Prime helps detoxify Nitrites and Ammonia when you cant change water right away. I never let them go more then a day if i have to does prime to bring my cycle tanks down till i get home from work to change the water. detoxify works but cant stay in the tank long from what i hear.
  9. bus927 Member Member

    I've never used it before, but there's thousands of people that swear by the stuff.. So it just has to be good.. I'll take the people's advice on here over my LFS that's for sure !
  10. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    To echo what's been said, the API liquid Master Test Kit is the way to go. Strips are way more expensive per test and last a lot longer! Plus they're also supposed to be more accurate. Strips are fine for quick checks but for a proper reading on your parameters, liquid tests all the way.

    Oh, and Prime;)

  11. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    Think there is quite a lot of waterflow for a DG !
    Besides that they need floatingplants
  12. bus927 Member Member

    I know it is, I was running two filters to get all my BB to the new filter from my old one.. It won't be like that for too much longer
  13. tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    I second the API liquid master test kit. Strips are not accurate and cost more over time.
    The liquid test is $20-25 on amazon and $25-30 in store. I bought mine last year and still haven't come close to running out and I'm testing for 4 tanks weekly/biweekly.

    Also prime is a life saver!