Dwarf Gourami getting skinny?

  1. itikky Initiate Member

    I'm worried that my dwarf gourami is getting skinny and not eating enough.

    In my tank, I have 4 neon tetras, 4 zebra danio, and 2 leopard danio along with my dwarf gourami. I only feed flakes (I have been trying to convince my parents to buy frozen/dried food), and during feeding the danio gobble up all the food, with the neon tetra getting a couple bites and the dwarf gourami getting none. I have tried giving the flakes right in front of the gourami, but the other fish zoom in.

    Now, I scoop up the gourami separately in a plastic bowl and feed it flakes there. However, the gourami won't/can't eat very big flakes (it spits them back out) and will only have some crushed up flakes.

    My dw gourami is getting very small, skinny, and pale! HELP!!!


  2. Daniel W Member Member

    Hmm... It seems like the problem is that all his tank mates are too fast and out compete him for food right? Then the only thing you can really do is either rehome the tankmates or rehome the dwarf gourami. And are you sure your dwarf gourami is not a honey gourami?
  3. itikky Initiate Member

    Yes, I'm very sure it is a dwarf gourami. The picture makes it look more yellow, and its blue stripes are very faint.
    However, rehoming is not an option! Is there any way to feed it so that it will get enough food?
  4. Daniel W Member Member

    I don't think there is. You'll probably have to wait for someone else to advise you.
  5. itikky Initiate Member

    I think my parents are willing to buy different kinds of food. What food will be best for getting my dw gourami healthy and the other fish getting variety?
  6. Daniel W Member Member