dwarf gourami fry

  1. fletch Member Member

    Ive had 1male and 2 female dwarf gourami for 3 months now and they're spawning every 2-3 weeks. I have only just started to assist the babies and put them in net breeding tanks. Im very impatient and i just need to know how big they will be at different stages and when i will be able to release them into the main tank. Any websites would be appreciated too. cheers
  2. fletch Member Member

    seriously...any ideas anyone? ???

  3. Miss Mouse Well Known Member Member

    Hi Fletch, not a clue- sorry! :-[
  4. hydreloy Initiate Member

    Hey Fletch, I happen to know a sit on just Dwarf Gouramis

    Im new to this site but all I do is read about tropical fish, and play Texas Holdem on the internet... so anyways there you have it>>> http://www.thekrib.com/Fish/gourami.html#0 <<<  :)

  5. fletch Member Member

    cheers, thats quite helpfull